Boosting Systems

Vfd: Variable Frequency Drive

In a water supply system, the demand for maximum delivery is occasional, and in fact there is often the need for variable delivery rates, so that the pump usually needs to operate at a variable delivery rate, rather than at a fixed rate (as in the case of traditional systems) so that the same will work at moderate rates for most of the time with low energy consumption.
VFD’s boosting systems, in addition to energy savings, for the customer translates into a cost economics, bring other important advantages in terms of comfort, performance and durability of the system.
Mac3 VFD are specially projected for driving pumps in water systems.

Regulators on / off for pumps in residential pressurization systems.

The device monitors the pressure and the presence of flow and manages the functioning of the pump. It replaces the traditional boosting systems with pressure switch and expansion tank.

Pressure switch

The pressure switch is a device that automatically adjusts the attack and the detachment of the pump based on the pressure and its differential.