Filters ACL

The connection cable between the inverter and the pump creates a capacitive effect that can inhibit the proper functioning of the system To avoid this problem Mac3 makes available a range of adapters for long connections (ACL), up to 80mt. We recommend using this product for cable lengths greater than 10mt.

Filters are available for single- phase and three-phase pumps with different currents.


Mac3 VFD are certified EMC for residential use, in case of installation in particularly sensitive enviroment with exposure to electromagnetic interference, Mac3 makes available a range of additional EMC filters, for both single-phase and 3-phase pumps with different currents, to be installed between the inverter and the power supply


Ievice used. This implies the use of a pressurized water system designed to support a prevalence for highest pressure. This kind of system DOES NOT optimize an energy savings policy. multipress

MAC3 offers a pressurization system to interface with all popular irrigation controllers. Simply connect the individual solenoid valve, as well as to control irrigation, even at the terminal Multipress. At the closing of a solenoid, the VFD is set at the desired pressure. Thanks to Multipress4 and VFD technology you have a pressurization system that provides the correct power consumption with a prevalence adjusted
to the required flow.

Pressure Sensors

HCA air-cooled drives, comes with a pressure transducer 4-20mA, 1.5 cable for external use.In addition to the standard are available in various lenghts.sensor-ext sensor-somm




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