Hydro Controller

hcwhcaApplication: Professional wide range of VFDs with the following options:
– for single pump and multi pumps boosting systems,
– both in line water cooled and wall mounting air cooled.
– available in three versions: single phase power supply for single phase pump, single phase power supply for 3-phase pump and 3-phase power supply for 3-phase pump.

Advantages: user-friendly interface composed by 4 buttons and a display 16 char-2 line, for an easy first installation and for managing operation and alarm parameters.

Benefits: the parameters for the first installation are the pressure desired and the maximum current of the pump; these are clear displayed so that there is no need to read the manual for interpreting them.
In the event of an anomaly situation HydroController protects the pump by switching it off; in order to safeguard the water supply it will undertake automatic or programmed reset attempts.





Data sheet

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