Control Panels & Level Controllers

Control Panels and electrical devices for managing water systems.

Electronic development has introduced new products in several markets, so also in control panels for pumps. Moreover traditional electromechanical control panels have been developed new control panels supplied with electronic boards that integrate all functionalities, usually performed by electromechanical components, in electronic board.

Mac3 offers a wide range of control panel for 1 or 2 pumps. The categories are:
– Electronic control panels
– Check cosφ control panels
All the models are available for single and three phase pumps.

Level Controller

To control water level in some applications there is not enough space for a float switch. A solution suitable for this applications are thelevel probes.
The electroprobes, produced by MAC 3, are regulators of conductive fluid suitable for the minimum and maximum level control of deep well, tanks, cisterns, etc.

The operating principle is based on the detection of the fluid resistance on the part of the control box, the level being controlled by means of special probes immersed in the liquid with the longest acting as a common element.
When the level of the liquid inside the container or the well wets all three probes a relay is activated and subsequently deactivated only when the level descends, uncovering the lower probe.

Electronic Level Monitors

Devices used in automatic system form managing rain water.