Electroprobe DB

ELETTROSONDA-DBApplication: in the field of level control instruments, it is a multifunctional device.elettrDB-in

Advantages: an extremely innovative product which unites a series of functions in a very small space (4 DIN modules):

– ON-OFF electroprobe (operating in one single point): acts on relay 2 using probes 6 and 12.
– Differential electroprobe (operates between two probes positioned by installer): acts on relay 1 using probes 10 and 11, always together with 6 and/or 7 as common.

-High alarm: use probes 9 and 6.

– Low alarm: use probes 8 and 7

– Internal Buzzer: For high and low alarms.

– Control for external alarm (buzzer or light).

Benefits: Possibility of activating or deactivating controls by means of dipswitch. The installation of 4 electroprobes would be necessary to obtain the same functions




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