MAWRC2mawrc-inApplication: automatic management and control of the use of rain water in place of that which comes from the aqueduct.

Advantages: The device checks that the cistern that collects the rain water is at the correct level needed, by automatically switching to the aqueduct water if water level is low or absent

Benefits: The MWCR2 model works with a pressure transducer instead of a float switch, and displays the water level in the cistern.

MWRC1Functioning: For installation, you must connect the device to a 3-way solenoid valve
not included .
By pressing the “Simulation Low Level Rain Water” button, it is possible to simulate the lack of water in the cistern; for as long as the button is held down, the system will operate with water that comes from the aqueduct.

Once a day a valve is automatically switched on to make sure that the device is operating properly. If one should choose to operate the system with only drinking water (for example, during maintenance) the device can be set on “Permanent Fresh
Water”, thus by-passing the rain water cistern.



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