Application: Assemblying Pumps control panels. Thanks to this device, it is possibleto realize the control of the traditional autoclave,

with the sole addition of the contactor and the thermal protection.

Advatages: allows the pilot and exchange of two pumps, has an input for the work pressure switch and one for the emergency pressure switch that makes both pumps to operate in case of need. The input for the minimum float stops the pumps for dry running protection.

Benefits: available several models in order to produce systems tith gratly reduced assembling costs.

Sequencer 2

Pump exchanger relays with status leds

The device Sequencer 2 has the same characteristics and functionalities of Sequecer.


It monitors the status of the devices by flashing leds.

– led for power supply

– led for Pump N. 1 in ON

– led for pump N. 2 in ON.

Sequencer 2Q

Pump exchanger relays with front panel.
The device Sequencer 2Q has the same characteristics and functionalities of Sequecer with a of a panel containing two switches for pump operation and seven led diodes that always show the autoclave status

Sequencer 3


sequencer3Advanced version of Sequencer to drive groups up to 3 pumps. Interface with status LEDs and control buttons.





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