Level Regulators

Level regulator with electrical equipment.
The level regulator is a float switch that allows electrical equipment to start and stop automatically (usually pumps, but also solenoid valves, alarms, etc.) when a prefixed level has been reached. Inside the device there is a microswitch that, depending on the level of the liquid, opens or closes the contact that powers the pump. The models with cable 3X1 or cable 4G1 can be used for the filling or emptying function according to the cables that have been connected. The models with 3G1 cable (with ground) are set for one function only, and that is for filling or emptying.

Compact Level Regulators for applications in small wells.

In some applications there is enough space for the orderly movement of a float. It may also be necessary to realize compact installations, with precise levels of intervention.

Hydraulic Valve.

The hydraulic instant closure valve for pipe. Usually is used in the storage tank to keep a reserve of water.

Monitoring Levels

Electronic device for water level monitoring, used to make control systems and alarm generation based on the level of liquids.