KeyPrex float switch, innovative hydraulic regulator, has been designed to manage the level of liquids in critical contexts and industrial applications, where the hydraulic pressure makes common float switches unreliable.The working out of a new design, as well as the case moulding process and the new sealing system, have been focused on achieving a superior quality in terms of seal and mechanical resistance.
The high buoyancy allows the immediate activation of the high power microswitch: 20(8) A 250V, which permits the direct control of 1HP pumps at 117 V and of 2HP at 230 V. Made from totally atoxic reusable material, it doesn’t contain mercury and is therefore suitable for ali- mentary uses. Available with various types of cables, PVC, H07, A07 and oil resistant, with three or four wire cables, Prex comes in different versions: 250 V / 400 V microswitch, with golden contact microswitch for low current ab- sorption (max 0.1A) and with piggy-back plug.